Annisa  :  "Lintang! How about your feel? Holiday is coming!"
Lintang :  "Hi Annisa! I'm very happy now!"
Annisa  :  "HAHA me too!. What's your plan to do in holiday?"
Lintang :  "Because i can sleep anytime that i want and  i can hang out anytime too."
Annisa  :  "Wow your plain are very unique. What place that you wanna go?
Lintang :  "I want to go to Yogyakarta."
Annisa  :  "Nice place! With whom  will you do it?"
Lintang :  "With my big family
Annisa  :  " How many day you are in Yogyakarta?"
Lintang :  "Hmm.. about 1 week"
Annisa  :  "You have to try to eat at "Nasi Kucing". That's the best restaurant. hm i think it can't called                 restaurant"
Lintang :  " Haha . why it can't called restaurant?"
Annisa  :  " Because it located at next street. But the taste is very good with cheap price"
Lintang :

My chairmate, Nurul

On February 2016, i have a bad experience. I forgot the date but i still remember how i feel in that day.  It was Saturday, me and my friends went to  TSM Mosque because there are some activity from my school. For your information, i just moved from Jakarta since December 2015. So i don't really remember all of the routes in Bandung including the transportations. 
At the same time, suddenly my phone got big trouble, it can't be turned on. I don't know why. And at night before the day, i accidentally slept without charging my phone and my power bank. It was my really bad day. I got really panic like heart attack maybe hehe. 
I really shy to ask other friends to borrow a power bank because i don't have a lot of friends yet. There is one friend that she wants to borrow me her power bank, but her phone battery was low too. So i can't borrow it :). When i try to another friend, her USB doesn't exist to my phone. And a lot of my friends that i knew already went back…

Conversation (at the party)

Aina     : "The party is so crazy. There are lot of handsome guys here!"
Annisa : "HAHA I'm agree with you. "
Aina     : "By the way, i don't know your name. What's your name?"
Annisa : "Yeah, i'm Annisa but you can call me Icha. How about you?"
Aina     : "I'm Aina."
Annisa : "That's a good name!. Why are you here ?"
Aina     : "Thanks! I'm here for looking a new guy to show him to my ex"
Annisa : "Wow that's a good and weird reason"
Aina     : "How about you"
Annisa : " Hmm.. i'm so bored in my house"
Aina     : "Excuse me, may i know the reason why are you bored in your house?"
Annisa : "I'm alone in my house. and it makes me feel so lonely. Forget about this and let's talk about                another topics."
Aina     : "Oh, yeah i'm so sorry. So where are you come from?"
Annisa  : " It's oke. I…

About Myself


Heii everyone i'm Annisa Mutiara Priliyan. This is my second blog but i'm a newbie ithink hehe... but now i want to tell you about myself. yes my name is Annisa but my friends always call me Icha and i more like that nickname wkwkwk.. I was born in Jakarta 29th January 2002 and i live at Jakarta till 2016 then i move to Bandung when i was grade 8. And there was amazing experience when i have to know new friends, school, culture, and also the language. That was a big challenge for me. At first, i was very difficult to know my new culture, very very difficult. Specially from the language HUHU :( wkwkw. I ALWAYS ASK TO MYFRIENDS the definition from the word that they said. EVERY WORD. Don't you know? it was one of my dark edge i think? HAHAHAHA.. Until today, i still not good in Sunda Language wkwkwk.. BUT ofcourse i have good progress in Sunda Language yash!!
Hm next i am 15 years old. I am studying at 3 Senior High School . My class is X MIPA 8 t…