Indonesia has a lot of cultures that have been passed down by our ancestors. Ofcourse the culture has a diversity in every province. As an Indonesian citizen it has become an obligation to preserve it from extinction. Now I want to introduce you about some sites in Central Java. There are Mount Merapi, Prambanan Temple, and Borobudur Temple.
Let's check the video link below to watch my video with my friend Meisya.


Annisa  :  "Lintang! How about your feel? Holiday is coming!"
Lintang :  "Hi Annisa! I'm very happy now!"
Annisa  :  "HAHA me too!. What's your plan to do in holiday?"
Lintang :  "Because i can sleep anytime that i want and  i can hang out anytime too."
Annisa  :  "Wow your plain are very unique. What place that you wanna go?
Lintang :  "I want to go to Yogyakarta."
Annisa  :  "Nice place! With whom  will you do it?"
Lintang :  "With my big family
Annisa  :  " How many day you are in Yogyakarta?"
Lintang :  "Hmm.. about 1 week"
Annisa  :  "You have to try to eat at "Nasi Kucing". That's the best restaurant. hm i think it can't called                 restaurant"
Lintang :  " Haha . why it can't called restaurant?"
Annisa  :  " Because it located at next street. But the taste is very good with cheap price"
Lintang :

My chairmate, Nurul

On February 2016, i have a bad experience. I forgot the date but i still remember how i feel in that day.  It was Saturday, me and my friends went to  TSM Mosque because there are some activity from my school. For your information, i just moved from Jakarta since December 2015. So i don't really remember all of the routes in Bandung including the transportations. 
At the same time, suddenly my phone got big trouble, it can't be turned on. I don't know why. And at night before the day, i accidentally slept without charging my phone and my power bank. It was my really bad day. I got really panic like heart attack maybe hehe. 
I really shy to ask other friends to borrow a power bank because i don't have a lot of friends yet. There is one friend that she wants to borrow me her power bank, but her phone battery was low too. So i can't borrow it :). When i try to another friend, her USB doesn't exist to my phone. And a lot of my friends that i knew already went back…

Conversation (at the party)

Aina     : "The party is so crazy. There are lot of handsome guys here!"
Annisa : "HAHA I'm agree with you. "
Aina     : "By the way, i don't know your name. What's your name?"
Annisa : "Yeah, i'm Annisa but you can call me Icha. How about you?"
Aina     : "I'm Aina."
Annisa : "That's a good name!. Why are you here ?"
Aina     : "Thanks! I'm here for looking a new guy to show him to my ex"
Annisa : "Wow that's a good and weird reason"
Aina     : "How about you"
Annisa : " Hmm.. i'm so bored in my house"
Aina     : "Excuse me, may i know the reason why are you bored in your house?"
Annisa : "I'm alone in my house. and it makes me feel so lonely. Forget about this and let's talk about                another topics."
Aina     : "Oh, yeah i'm so sorry. So where are you come from?"
Annisa  : " It's oke. I…

About Myself


Heii everyone i'm Annisa Mutiara Priliyan. This is my second blog but i'm a newbie ithink hehe... but now i want to tell you about myself. yes my name is Annisa but my friends always call me Icha and i more like that nickname wkwkwk.. I was born in Jakarta 29th January 2002 and i live at Jakarta till 2016 then i move to Bandung when i was grade 8. And there was amazing experience when i have to know new friends, school, culture, and also the language. That was a big challenge for me. At first, i was very difficult to know my new culture, very very difficult. Specially from the language HUHU :( wkwkw. I ALWAYS ASK TO MYFRIENDS the definition from the word that they said. EVERY WORD. Don't you know? it was one of my dark edge i think? HAHAHAHA.. Until today, i still not good in Sunda Language wkwkwk.. BUT ofcourse i have good progress in Sunda Language yash!!
Hm next i am 15 years old. I am studying at 3 Senior High School . My class is X MIPA 8 t…